by Dave Warner

The Local Fresh Thursdays farmers market in Burke Park came to an end yesterday with perfect weather and fall colors in full view for their finale.

Jovanna Mueller was the 2020 Local Fresh Thursday Market Manager, and she said, “I would say the season went really well. I feel like everyone was happy for something that came together in just five weeks.”

She said that yesterday was just the perfect day, “we’ve got the music now, and this is what you think of when you think of a market, with the leaves turning colors and a lot of happy vendors.”

Her sister Jordyan, also one of the organizers said, “I think it was pretty bold, number one, to try and start a second market in such a small town, but number two, to do that in the middle of a pandemic. But at the same time, I think that people really wanted something to look forward to when everything else was shut down.”

“We learned a lot and next year is going to be a staple throughout the summer and we are really excited,” Jordyan said. “I’m picturing people with their blankets out, families and kids running around, and music on the bandstand. It’s going to be beautiful and something for everyone to come to and hang out at.”

Local Fresh Thursdays is a seasonal, hyper-local, open-air food market and a program of the YMCA Community Co-Op of Little Falls.